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Malaysia in pictures
20 Jun

Malaysia in pictures

Named "The Golden Chersonese" by ancient Indian, Arab and Chinese mariners, Malaysia occupies the southern most tip of Asia as well as the land mass bordering the South China seaboard of the great island of Borneo. Malaysia is located right in the heart of South East Asia and with a land area of 329,750 sq km it is a little bigger than the United Kingdom.

Malaysia's multi cultural society today wears the proud imprint of a land that has been for centuries a meeting place for Asia's great civilizations of India, China and Islam.

After gaining independence from Britain in 1957, Malaysia went on to build a rich and stable multi cultural society that today serves as an example for many emerging countries in the world.

Malaysia is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. Its legal system is based on that of England and Wales.

Out of a population of nearly 28 million, 66% are Malays and indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak, 23% Chinese, and 8% Indian. Due to its robust economy, Malaysia is also home to hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from other Asian countries as well as a growing expatriate population drawn from every corner of the world.

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