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Mari Mari – Living in Malaysia
01 Oct

Mari Mari – Living in Malaysia

Come here and see for yourself!! 

The meaning of Mari Mari in Malay is come here and it is just a coincidence that my name is Mari as well.
I moved to Malaysia with my husband in 2013 and we haven't looked back since. I ‘m South African and have lived in a number of places around the world since leaving my country.

It all started when I moved to the Middle East for a few years. I was very fortunate for the career choices I have made as it opened up opportunities to travel and see the world. I lived and worked onboard a private yacht that cruised the Pacific and West coast of North and Central America. Sailing from San Diego in the USA to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and all the way to the Bahamas and Florida. It was one of the most exhilarating times of my life. I have to admit, that ever since I started travelling I couldn't stop and having a home base was the last thing on my mind. 

As one gains experience there comes a day where the need to settle down in one country is paramount. Having visited Malaysia with my husband many times on our holidays, we found that it has everything to offer and we decided to plant our roots in this wonderful country, calling it home.
Believe me, we haven't stopped travelling, in fact we are travelling more than ever, living in Malaysia, the gateway to Asia.

Using a Malaysian based company such as Malaysia Residency, we obtained the MM2H (Malaysia my Second Home); a renewable ten-year resident permit, which provides you with many benefits not least a tax free lifestyle. The company provided a seamless and professional service that made the process extremely easy. Now that is a bonus and one more thing worth coming to Malaysia for.

I don't know why they call it Malaysia my second home as for me and my family Malaysia is our home. It has opened up so many other opportunities, be it investments, living here or just visiting, Malaysia has it all and is intoxicating to the senses.

Nothing beats the aromas of the local food stalls, the friendly smiles you see everywhere or even the carefree laughter you hear from the group of young Malays sitting around a table across from you. Malays are some of the friendliest people you will get to meet. It is a friendly, welcoming country.

Yes, you get frustrated with some of our lovely taxi drivers who skate around the edges of honesty and sometimes customer service can be a thing of the past, but I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else.

Some people think Malaysia is a third world country and why would you want to live there. I can tell you, its cultural diversity and varied geographical landscape embraces all a person would need. It would be impossible for anyone to not be satisfied with the standard of cuisine available in Malaysia.

Living in a so-called under developed country, for some it might have a different meaning, but for me it means freedom - Malaysia is a lovely reminder of days of the past with its laissez faire attitude. To me living in Malaysia means there is room for growth, it means there is room for development, so why not be part of this amazing journey and come see this lovely country blossom.

There are not many places around these days that still have a lot of culture to show, especially in the ever-changing world we live in today. Malaysia is drenched in culture and I am not only talking about the capital city Kuala Lumpur with its historical buildings or Penang and Melaka with their old world charm. I am talking about the untouched Malaysia, the unknown Malaysia where you can take a journey and travel back in time. The small Kampung villages where the Malays still wear their traditional dress and live the old fashioned village-way, where they are still the hunters and the gatherers. The Malaysia you have to come and discover for yourself. The Malaysia that is so enriching, it is like a treasure hunt where you discover hidden gems on every trip you take. 

From desert islands to mountains, from the oldest rainforest to glass skyscrapers and from mamak stalls to fine dining restaurants that would make any demanding food connoisseurs' mouth water. Malaysia has it all!

As most of us have discovered over the years, nowhere is perfect, but Malaysia is pretty close.

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