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Started in 2002 the Malaysia My Second Home program was designed to draw overseas people to this country to travel, invest or have a good life.

Fifteen years on, MM2H (as it is usually called) remains one of the world’s most attractive migration schemes because it is quite fast, inexpensive and simple to obtain.

This year, on account of the rising popularity of the program and reduced strength of the Ringgit, the government has spoken recently about its intention to raise the bar for applications.

The expected changes include increasing the amount of money applicants must bring into the country to RM 500,000. Now the deposit amounts are RM300,000 for applicants who are below 50 years old and RM150,000 only if they are above the age of 50.

The new changes will however remove the need for applicants above 60 years to show monthly income.

There may also be a chance that MM2H residents will again be allowed to run business as investors as they were before the sudden ruling against it in May last year.

We will post the approved new criteria or other proposals on this website as soon as we have more news about them.

Kerk Boon Leng
Attractive Pathway (MM2H) Sdn Bhd

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